Thursday, September 29, 2011

मानव जीवन की सार्थकता

मानव जीवन की सार्थकता इसी में है..कि ..हम अपने सत्कर्मो से इहलोक और परलोक दोनों को संवार  ले..!
यह भौतिक जगत  में ज्ञान-रथ पर आरूढ़ होकर निर्लिप्त-भाव से सारे मानवोचित कर्मो को करते हुए संसार-सागर में तरते रहना और नततः इस पञ्च-भौतिक शरीर में समाई हुयी चेतना-शक्ति से परम-चैतन्यता की स्थिति में चैतन्य-महाप्रभु ..परम-पिता-परमेश्वर में लीन हो जाना ही  मानव-जीवन का परम-ध्येय है..!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Human life is a great gift of Almighty..!

Human life is a great gift of Almighty..!
It is up to the human  being..either to make this life a  "thing of joy for ever " or to stick to exploiting it for this or that reason..!
Essentially LIFE has a reason attain.." Who am I ? "
This can be possible only when..we are onset to get first hand information about aour "spiritual-self".!
We know only one aspect of our existence..that is..The physical appearance and shape..!
Behind this physical curtain..our subtle shape is veiled..wherein dwells a deep ocean of eternal pleasure and peace..!
We can not view this subtle shape through our mortal eyes..!
There is a subtle or divine eye already inherent in our human body..!
It is the Spiritual master or Guru..who dissects this subtle eye and ikkuminates the dormant conscience of the person ..!
Human mind..while it wanders the root cause of our dualistic nature ..attitudes and activities..and when it is diverted becomes unitary..sustainable and subtle..!
There is a practical way to get through the evolution of the spiritual-self..!
It is known as Spiritual-knowledge or "Atm-Gyan ".!
This is revealed by the living spiritual master ..!
The only way to fetch a spiritual master is constant and regular the nearness of saintly person and enlightened personalities..!
Once such nearness is availed and enjoyed regularly with devotion and dedication..the search for a GURU will be in easy reach..!

Great are those who prosper in spiritual knowledge..!
Long Live Spirituality and spiritual master of the era..!

Bhagvad Gita..chapter-9..shlok..4..5..6..
 Lord shrikrishna..explains about HIS all-pervading existence to Arjun..>>
He says to Arjun.."This world is undoubtably manifested and sustained into ME ..unexplicitelt alongwith  overall mortal elements..but I am not sustaiined into it.. Just look my influence..that..MY ATMA..which fenerates  all-mortal-elements..does not exist into ME..! Just all-pervading air..while it sustains in the sky..moves everywhere..likewise..MY Atma has enveloped the whole mortal elements and beings..!"

Substaintially enough..Almighty..the omni-present..and hence He dwells into aour ATMA..!HE is the prime cause of our birth and death..! One..who adores HIM alongwith his Atma..and offers his whole life to HIM..He is saved..! this happens only when the descipline dedicates himself with perfect devotion by virtue of self-transcendance..and the equillibrium of BREATH..!..Otherwise it is futile to  offer adoration  without devotion..!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


"अष्टांग-योग" की सफल-साधना से ही साधक के जीवन में "समाधि" घटित होती है..!
वह कुल धन्य है..वह माता-पिता धन्य है..वह जीवन धन्य है..वह गुरु धन्य है..वह घर धन्य है..जहां पार
ऐसे "साधक' ..अपनी साधना में सदैव-तत्पर रहते है ...!!