Monday, February 9, 2015


.This human mind is the sole asset of all such misgivings..! Without undergoing constant "Satsang" it remains as it was is and it will be onwards...Hence the need of the nearness of sagacious people is advocated firmely in our scriptures..! The nearness of such saints n Enlightened souls are known as Saameepya-mukti" or 2nd liberation..! first Liberation is the birth in a human body in this :Mrityu-Lok"..known as "Saalokya-Mukti"..! I think have not fetched such an occasion of close proximity of such an Enlightened soul..! That is why the mind is wandering n hovering extrovertly causing such melancholies..! Once the ways n means to divert this mind introvertly is sought n revealed by the "Tatva Gyani Guru " into your conscience... all diversified setbecks start diminishing just the darkness vanishes when the sunrays shines..likewise the darkness of Ignorance gets shattered n replaced by light of Knowledge...! This is the magnetic effect of nearness of the sages n saintly personages where the knowledge as how to seek the Absolute dwelling inside is revealed..!......The human mind is costitued into two parts..First left part is more argumentative while the second right part is intuitive n amost Divine..Untill both the parts get synchronized.(Spiritually unified).the individual suffers the pangs of setbacks caused by Illusion which is due to the predominance of argumentative part..! In such a condition the mind never take rest n always wanders extrovertly..dissects..analyses..argues and baffles the person for this or that .!..The synchonization happens when the aspiring soul receives the Divine Knowledge from TRue Spiritual Mster..! The master reveales the practical as[ects of Yogic Practices where Transcendential Meditation is the prime practice..! When the person gets well to do in it by grace of the master..things starts transforming...and there comes a point where the aspiring soul gets perfectly submerged with the Subtle Being..!.This is known as “Saarupya-Mukti”..In such an enlightened state when the last hour of life approaches..the person attains Perfect Liberation known as “Saayujya—Mukti” Bye undergoing all such liberation the person vanqishes transmigration of soul n gets “Param-Pad”
Come on..n make this human birth meaningful..!
In this world..nothing is without REASON..!
If someone has hurted you..then in turn you ve gained some experience.of grief n disgust for the wrong behaviour which really brings you closer to God... n the wrong doer has lost some part of his good furtune..!
Unless a man feels sadness or setbacks..he never gets prompted towards prayer to God..!
So try best to be happy n indifferent for what is wrong done or good gained..! 
This world is nothing but a dual mixture of sweet n sour tastes...!
The sun rises n sets..Weather changes..n so..the attitude ..habits..nature n temperaments also change.
.All that..which never the Consciousness..!
So be conscious of your own virtue of "self-transcendence"..!
.Never burden or bother for anything for long..instead move forward n get refreshed.....!