Monday, February 9, 2015

In this world..nothing is without REASON..!
If someone has hurted you..then in turn you ve gained some experience.of grief n disgust for the wrong behaviour which really brings you closer to God... n the wrong doer has lost some part of his good furtune..!
Unless a man feels sadness or setbacks..he never gets prompted towards prayer to God..!
So try best to be happy n indifferent for what is wrong done or good gained..! 
This world is nothing but a dual mixture of sweet n sour tastes...!
The sun rises n sets..Weather changes..n so..the attitude ..habits..nature n temperaments also change.
.All that..which never the Consciousness..!
So be conscious of your own virtue of "self-transcendence"..!
.Never burden or bother for anything for long..instead move forward n get refreshed.....!

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