Thursday, January 28, 2016

True Pilgrimage never goes in vain..!

Pilgrimage affords an opportunity to assert the need to be pious and purified with heart,mind and soul..!
If the person does not get such purification from his/her is nothing but the wastage of time and money by wandering through pilgrimage places.!
There happens as many as 68 pilgrimage centres while an individual sits on the lotus feet of the sagacious person.known as spiritual master .!
When the individual gets submerged into his/her conscience during Meditation the same pilgrimage becomes "INFINITE"..!
As we know..whatever we add or substract into remains the same quite intact and unchanged..!
This is the real pilgrimage whereby an individual never shifts his/her location..but escapes to the Absolute through his/her conscience..!

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