Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Every human being is born with a pre-calculated span of life..!

Every human being is born with a pre-calculated span of life..!

The more we sleep..the more we lose..!

The less we sleep..the more we yield..!

In the state of a deep-slumber..the breath gets!

While running gets wxhausted even faster..!

While we gets saved--!

Its conseration is synonymous to the increase in life-span..!

....So dear my friends..!..Try to save this precious treasure in order to attain the equillibrium..!

Once..the equillibrium is established..perpetual-peace starts dwelling in your life..!

*****What is "equillibrium"..?

We ...the human beings are born-conscious..!

As a natural instinct..every human enjoys triple satates..of..his conscience..!

First state is.."Wide-awake"..!

Second state is "Dreaming-state"..!

Third state is.."Deep-slumber"..!

***All these states are enjoyed by each and every human being ..but there happens a Fourth-satae of human-conscience..!

This is called the state of "Supreme-consciousness"..!

In this state ..a human becomes perfectly conscious of his own consciousness..!

This is attained through constant-spiritual-meditation and individual devotion mixed with total dedication to a living spiritual master ..!

It is the Practical knowledge of the Absolute..which is revealed in the heart of the aspirant by the spiritual master..!

The aspirant gets fully inspired in Divinity..and while meditating on the well-identified point..the aspirant gets fully absorbed into the "Self".! While he transcends the "SElf"..his "spirit" attains virtue of self-transcendance..!

Such state happens only when the aspirant is blessed ..!

Thus the Meditation..Meditator and Meditee..becomes perfectly unified..!

This is the state if Equillibrium..whereby ..the person becomes conscious of his own consciousness..!

Great are those..who are blessed attain such state of "supreme-consciousness"...!


Every human is born with an inherent potential to concentrate his conscience..!

But..because of the dualities of world and life..only a very selected few ..reach to this juncture..!

Only locky souls are blessed to follow this Path..!

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