Wednesday, April 27, 2011

...."Energy can niether be created..nor it can be destroyed..!!

Science says...."Energy can niether be created..nor it can be destroyed..!!
Science also bears testimony to the fact that.. When the density of any substance exceeds to that of its volume..then the subsatance remains in solid state occupying minimum space..! Contrary to is..when the volume of any substance exceeds to that of its dinsity..then the substance starts changing its solid state yielding place to comparatively much-stretched space..which increases with the increase in its volume...!
For example..
Ice remains in solid state..because its density in higher than its volume and so it occupies less space..whereas the dendity of water is less than its water occupies much space than ice..! Likewise the voume vapour is higher than it gets spread by evaporation...! first place there is EARTH..which is solid..then water..which is fluid..then atmosphere ..which is air..then is no air...then sky....which is ABSOLUTE...! The sequence of all these five elements..hints at the all-level increase in its volume with constant decrease in its density..! the case with the ..CONSCIENCE which is known as PRIMORDIAL VIBRATION..!
IN all worldly creations..whichever is most solid..possesses less vibration..!
When we proceed forward..keeping the view..-point in our mind..that increase in the viration is directly linked to the increase in the volume..we discover that....human-conscience (MIND) is the largest and strongest store of vibration..!
So by affording this is well evident that..the state of supreme cnscience is inherent in human being..!
So..Almighty..the most Merciful and Beneficient..the Hman Conscience..which is deemed to be realized..attained and  absorbed through our third or Divine eye..!

The spiritual Master of the time is the only asset to lead towards such attainment..!

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