Friday, January 27, 2012

Why people dont like to follow "True Path"..?

Why people dont like to follow "True Path"..?
...because..their conscience is predominated by Prejudices..Paradodical and discriminatory attitudes !
How to overcome from such negative approach..?
It is the Nearness of sagacious person..which absorbs all anamalies and confusion rolling in the mind of the person..!
Such Nearness is known as 2nd Liberation..!
It liberates the person from all sorts of worldly bondages..through concentration of mind to the Infinite Being ..!
The "Infinite-Being" is nowhere else..but within the Self..!
It is most sacrad and Abstract existence..which can be perceived through Divine or 3rd Eye..!
It is the living spiritual master..who bestows the 3rd Eye to the aspirant..
Once it is fetched..the Life becomes  D I V I N E...!!

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