Thursday, January 13, 2011

Infinity is ever Infinity...!!

rgy is manifested in various forms. It can be in the form of sound, heat, light e.t.c. Imagine a cloud of energy or light. We can compare it with an ocean where the comparison can be made between a drop and a small packet of light of the cloud. Suppose this cloud of light which has expanded on the plane expels a small packet of light. When this small packet enters a body, the body starts functioning and we call this small packet a soul. The cloud of light is the God whom, even a blind can see during transcendental meditation in the form of light and listen to its sounds during the same. The sound or this primordial vibration is the name of God. Don’t get confused by the worldly names of God. Now, the question arises what happens to this cloud when it expels the small packet? We apply the law of conservation of energy and find that energy remains constant as anything added to infinity is infinity and anything subtracted from infinity is also infinity. Since the cloud is the parent of the packet, so the packet will always try to unite with the cloud.
The scriptures say that in the beginning, before the formation of universe God made a wish,”Eko hum bahusyami”, and the cloud(God) expanded. It took the form of matter, i.e. it got hidden inside the matter. That’s why we say that God is omnipresent,” Tu mera rakha, sab ni thaain.” So, we are not wrong when we say that we have got immense potential because the soul in fact, the God is within (us).
When we are in this world, the illusionary things distract us. We become unaware of our aim and finally get trapped due to our ignorance. We search for happiness in the things wherein we can never find it. The person can attain eternal bliss only when it unites with its parent(God) by a process called meditation like an apple on a tree which always falls downwards on earth as it is a part of tree and consequently the tree is part of the earth.According to the first law of motion, a body continues to be in a state of rest or in its natural state of motion until and unless an unbalanced force acts on it. In the same way, we continue to be in the state of bliss until and unless we are affected by the materialistic world.

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