Saturday, March 19, 2011

Opinion about RELIGION>>!

  Opinion about..   Manav Dharm...This is the ‘tattva’; not what appears, not what is pleasing; these are called beliefs and dogmas. We have plenty of them but ‘tattavam’ is different. is the ‘tattavam’ of a thing? Suppose, I have an opinion. I can hold on to an opinion; but it must be based on truth. Then only it gets the status of a ‘tattavam’. Otherwise it is called ‘matam’, i.e. an opinion or ‘it is my religion’.

It is not my truth. But when we investigate and find it is to be true, then that opinion becomes a true opinion. It can stand challenge. So, ordinarily, our religions in the world are always a plural. They are ‘matams’. What please me, what attracts me, what is relevant to my needs that is called ‘matams’. I choose to a Hindu, a Muslim, a Sikh, a Christian, all this constitute ‘matam’. That is one aspect of it. The 2nd aspect is, if we scientifically investigate it, what is behind this plurality of ‘matams’. Is there truth behind all of this? That discovery will lead us to the ‘tattavam’ of religion. When the ‘tattavam’ is discovered, there will be no conflicts in religion.
Scientific truths do not conflict; only dogmas conflict. We know that all these religions are forms of the same single reality. There will be no conflict there after. Harmony and peace alone can come. And respect for each other: your opinion I respect, you also respect my opinion.
You take some food, I respect it. I take some food, you respect that also
We should not say, my food is alone my food, your food is poison. That is what we have done in the name of religion, mistaking it to be ‘tattavam’. ‘Tattavam’ is quite different. Any food we may take------ that is ‘matam’. But we see that so many calories, so much of nourishment needed for health; that is ‘tattavam’

In our country today, when more people begin to ask this question, why so many religions. What is the truth about all of them? Every religion says I am true; yes, we are true. But we can’t take the copyright of all truth. Others also say they are true.

When such questions come, very impartial objective investigation is needed, and that is our ancient and modern sages did and raised ‘matam’ to the level of ‘tattavam’. And ‘tattavam’ is one. Tattavam can never be plural. Matam can be plural. So, one ‘tattavam’ and ‘matams‘ are but different expressions of that one ‘tattavam’. That is how our Indian sags discovered this wonderful unity behind the diversity of religions, established in harmony and peace, with so little of intolerance in the name of religion on the soil of India which found expression in the ‘Rg-veda, the oldest book of the human race.
“Truth is one, sages call it by various names”............Rg-Veda
And centuries later, that ‘tattavam’ idea comes here. It says, “The Knower’s of Truth, ‘tattva’ declare this, ‘there is one tattvam which is pure, non-dual Consciousness’, i.e. called in the Upanisads as ‘Brahman’ , of the nature of pure, non-dual consciousness. That is ‘tattavam’
But it is spoken of differently in language and style by different people or in different sound or speech, makes that One appear as many. Some call It Brahman, some call It the Paramatma, the Supreme Self, and some call It Bhagavana, some call it the all-loving God, some call It Allah, khuda etc..
In this way, this investigation of ‘matam’ verses ‘tattavam’ has done immense good to this country. In no other country, it has been attempted even, not even once. It has been never been attempted, except as politically convenient arrangements. And today we have to inaugurate that kind of investigation, to find harmony behind these diverse manifestations. As in the case of philosophy, so in the case of religion. We have to consider ‘matam’ as a plural and ‘tattavam’ as a singular, and plural must pay the homage to the singular.

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