Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Religion is absolutely a subjective matter..It is linked straight to the HEART of a Human Being..! Whatever..the people talk or augue. about the Religion .is fully and solely extrovertal gssip and nothing else..because all these reflections and reactions uccure directly from the mind..which is more argumentative than spiritual..! Unless the person joins the SPIRITUALITY i with total devotion and devotion..such gossip will ever remain discarded. by those..who are already on TRUE PATH...! RELIGION IR REALIZATION..!

It is well-established Truth that there dwells a Live-self..form an atom to the ABSOLUTE..!
It is Human Being..who can perceive..realize..attain absorb and assimilate the SUBTLE BEING dwelling deep into the Self..!
The cosmic but a live-manifestation of the ABSTRACT..CONCRETE .SUBTLE and the ABSOLUTE..!
It is a subejct ot per...
ception..realization and absorption through the Divine eye..which is provided by a Real spiritual Master of the time.!
While..the parson opts to attain his/her very self..the process starts from the day..he/she joins the school of the spiritual master.!
So the quest of a real spiritual master is necessary to get spiritual upliftment.!

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