Friday, February 25, 2011

Why our sensory organs receive evils immediately..??

Why our sensory organs receive evils immediately..??

This is a burning question to be resolved..

The flat answer is that..we are wide open with our nostrils..eyes..ears..tongue n throat..!

All these major sensory organs..looking..hearing..smelling n tasting are located on the peak of our very person..!

So we receive external raw--materials immediately..!
The king of all these sensory organs is our MIND..which reflects to the utmost towards receiving the evils.!

This is the major cause of our tale of woe..!

The more we close all these sensory organs..the more we reach closer to our very self..! is the "self-awakeming"..which provides the potential yo strengthen us..! Once u r awakened with ur very self..then u r well-done..! It is possible..only when u join the TRUE PATH..!

The process of following the TRUE PATH leads towards enjoying the eternal bliss..!
By virtue of aspirant attains the equillibrium of the self..It is a state of supreme consciousness..which provides the potential f...or self-realization..It can be attained only when atrue spiritual master of the time leads n provides inspiration to the seeker..@..There is exactly no need to renounce the wold or live n prefer an ascetic life.!..The JOY just an ingredient part of the Subtle Being...ATMA.. which gets awakened only when the seeker follows a true guru..!See More

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